Foundation staff member engaging with a pupil while cooking
Photo of Helena Bowman

Helena Bowman

Head of Foundation

Photo of Ann-Marie Anderson

Ann-Marie Anderson

Business Development Manager

Photo of Amanda Butler

Amanda Butler

Finance & Admin Manager

Photo of Charlie Bell

Charlie Bell

Operations Support

Photo of John Fothergill

John Fothergill

Operations Manager

Photo of Anne Willey

Anne Willey

Administrator & Finance Assistant

Photo of Jordon Bowker

Jordon Bowker

Business Support Team, Herlingshaw Centre

Photo of Lee Grace

Lee Grace

Inclusion Lead Officer

Photo of Alan Cawthorne

Alan Cawthorne

Quality Assurance & Insight Coordinator

Photo of Sean Dolan

Sean Dolan

Stepping Up Coach

Photo of Danny McGowan

Danny McGowan

Project Worker

Photo of Marc McPhillips

Marc McPhillips

Education Manager

Photo of Nick Lough

Nick Lough

Communications Officer

Photo of Patrick Robinson

Patrick Robinson

Youth Employment Initiative Coordinator

Photo of Marrie Wieczorek

Marrie Wieczorek

Project Worker

Photo of Peter Truscott

Peter Truscott

Business Support Team, Herlingshaw Centre

Photo of Shane Headlam

Shane Headlam

Stepping Up Coach

Photo of Ashley Robinson

Ashley Robinson

Business Support Team, Herlingshaw Centre

Photo of Kelly Daley

Kelly Daley

National Citizen Service Coordinator

Photo of Tyler Woodrow

Tyler Woodrow

Senior Groundsman

Photo of Alex Dore

Alex Dore

Business Development Officer

Photo of Liam Watson

Liam Watson

Premier League Kicks Lead Officer/Coach Core Lead

Photo of Michael Mackin

Michael Mackin

Herlingshaw Centre Manager

Photo of Charlotte Walker

Charlotte Walker

Junior Finance Assistant

Photo of Sean Mackin

Sean Mackin

Project Worker

Photo of Claire Streeter

Claire Streeter

Social Inclusion Manager

Photo of Rachel Horsley

Rachel Horsley

Girls Football Lead Officer/Project Worker

Photo of Les Curvis

Les Curvis

Building Better Opportunities Lead Officer

Photo of Gary Walton

Gary Walton

Project Worker

Photo of Diane O'Connell

Diane O'Connell

Events & Fundraising Officer

Photo of Marshall Thorogood

Marshall Thorogood

Project Worker

Photo of Paul South

Paul South

Health Coordinator

Photo of Annaleigh Wynn

Annaleigh Wynn

#iwill Project Coordinator

Photo of Natalie Guy

Natalie Guy

Premier League Primary Stars Coordinator

Photo of Steven Bell

Steven Bell

Stepping Up Coordinator

Photo of Gail White

Gail White

Youth Employment Initiative Administrator

Photo of Matthew Kirk

Matthew Kirk

Stepping Up Coach/PL Kicks Delivery & Talent ID Lead

Photo of Kieran Anderson

Kieran Anderson

Business Support Team, Herlingshaw Centre

Photo of Andy Downey

Andy Downey

Futsal Scholarship Coordinator/Education Officer

Photo of Tom Readman

Tom Readman

Project Worker