Premier League Enterprise

Foundation staff member poses for a group photo with children on our Enterprise programme

MFC Foundation’s Enterprise programme specialises in delivering educational programmes to provide qualifications and increase skills, knowledge and aspirations of young people.

Teesside has some of the poorest educational attainment outcomes in the UK, and some of the highest rates of young people classified as ‘not in education, employment or training’ (NEET). MFC Foundation is in a unique position to address this challenge by harnessing the power of the Boro brand.

Our education programmes seek to broaden young peoples’ horizons and support them in realising their full potential. Our Enterprise programme delivers recognised education qualifications and non-accredited courses in education settings across Teesside.

We often work with non-mainstream school settings such as Pupil Referral Units, Special Educational Needs schools, and Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services, and can cater for young people with a range of complex needs. We deliver our courses in a range of educational settings, and in our facilities at The Riverside Stadium to suit the needs of our schools.


Accreditations that we deliver include:

Premier League Core Programme
A course for students to gain an understanding of the business behind the football club. Students cover ‘Introduction to a sporting organisation’, ‘What is a business?’, ‘Communicating objectives’, ‘Customers’, ‘Customer records’, ‘Customer service and complaints’, ‘Products and services’, ‘Advertising’, ‘Publicity and providing information’ and ‘Steps to success.’

Personal Money Management
Students gain Level 1 in Personal Money Management and represent real life characters with varying financial income and outgoings. Students play an interactive Monopoly game to manage their client budget and make financial decisions based on the client’s lifestyle.

As well as these we also offer our own bespoke non-accredited courses including:

Gibson’s Gig
Students are given a budget to plan and design the first ever live music concert at The Riverside Stadium. Ticket price, ticket design, stage set up, food and drink choices, hospitality packages and advertising are all included.

Big Days
Catering for whole school year groups, our range of enterprising activities can be tailored to individual schools to develop team work, communication, confidence, problem solving, leadership and many more skills.

There are many benefits of being involved with our enterprise projects; improved attendance and punctuality, improved confidence and self-esteem, developing an understanding of business practices, develop enterprise and entrepreneurial capabilities, a can do attitude, positive risk taking, creativity, innovation and business responsibilities, improved attitude and motivation, improved communication and reasoning skills.

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MFC Foundation Join Daughters And Dads Active And Empowered Project

We’re delighted to announce we will be part of the Daughters and Dads Active and Empowered project for the next two years.

Women in Sport, in partnership with the Fatherhood Institute, EFL Trust and the University of Newcastle (Australia), is excited to announce that we are the latest to join a growing band supporting this initiative.

We’ll join Leyton Orient Trust, The Albion Foundation (West Bromwich Albion), Foundation of Light (Sunderland AFC) and the Stoke City Community Trust for year two of the project, alongside Fulham FC Foundation, who were part of the project’s inaugural pilot year.

In total, six clubs will deliver the programme for the next two years, supported by Sport England’s Families Fund through National Lottery funding.

The Daughters and Dads Active and Empowered programme has been developed by the University of Newcastle (Australia) and Professor Philip Morgan and his team.

The programme aims to increase physical activity levels, sports skills and social-emotional wellbeing of girls 5-11 years by challenging stereotypes about playing sport and physical activity and increase fathers’ confidence and ability to act as role models in relation to their daughter’s participation.

Rachel Horsley, Girls Football Lead Officer here at MFC Foundation, said: The philosophy behind the programme is very much in keeping with many of our own. We reach across the area with many programmes, but this one is just that little bit different. Programmes like Daughters and Dads help everyone come together, not just the dads and their daughters. Some find it easier than others to show their feelings, or to actively support and encourage. This programme helps on so many levels. It helps emotionally and physically and brings an understanding that the two work together – just like dads and their daughters.”

Eleven families took part in the project’s inaugural year, and the programme had a great impact on those that took part.  Initial findings suggest:

  • Father and father-figures on the programme mentioned growing a stronger bond with their daughters and suggested they would increase the amount of family activity they do as a result of taking part.
  • All the girls that took part in the project showed a strong belief that girls are just as capable as boys at physical activity and should be able to enjoy the same opportunities, both individually and with their family.

Women in Sport and the project partners will explore these initial findings in greater depth with a larger sample size to understand any significant impact in year two and three.

Lee Warren, Innovation Manager for the DAD Project, said: We’re delighted to have five new clubs involved in this project for the next two years alongside continuing our partnership with Fulham who have built strong foundations. We’ve already started to see the impact that the Daughters and Dads Active and Empowered programme can have on its participants and the long-term lifestyle changes that it can deliver. We’re looking forward to seeing these clubs support more families in their local communities to get active.”

Mike Diaper, Executive Director Children, Young People and Tackling Inactivity, at Sport England said: Following a successful first year of testing the Daughters and Dads programme, we are really pleased that our National Lottery investment can now help to extend its reach into new areas across England.   We know that we need to continue to do more to help girls and less affluent families get active, and one thing that hinders this are gender stereotypes that can cause families to believe that physical activity is less important for girls than boys.  We also know that parents and carers often see their role as helpers and less as role models in encouraging their children to be active. This programme, based on a model from Australia, is addressing these challenges and we look forward to seeing the results of this in the North East, West Midlands and London.”

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