Move & Learn

Foundation staff member smiling with local MP and three school pupils as they take part in some arts and crafts.

The Joy of Moving, ‘Move and Learn’  programme is designed to encourage children to lead a more active lifestyle and understand the importance of eating healthy food. The popular course is now in its third year of delivery. MFC Foundation delivers this project free of charge to local schools with over 4000 young people already being engaged from 40+ schools.

The six week programme which is aimed at Year 5/6 pupils delivers a combination of classroom based activities alongside physical activity sessions. Over the weeks the children learn about various different topics such as The Importance of Exercise, The Human Body, The Food Groups and Hydration. The physical activity sessions cover a range of different sports including football, dodgeball and handball. In addition to this the children are set weekly challenges to reinforce the learning from the sessions and to encourage parental engagement. These challenges include keeping an exercise diary, smoothie making and making sure they drink enough water.

We also offer a one day version of the programme, which highlights the main themes covered over the six weeks and takes place at the stadium. In this version the children take part in activities in our Willie Maddren Education Centre and finish the day with a tour of the Stadium.

For more information on the Joy of Moving ‘Move and Learn’ programme please contact



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